Research Data Management Seminar

Description:The Library is hosting a seminar for postgraduates & staff on Research Data Management (RDM).
The seminar will cover:

  1. Data Visualization and Data Management

    In this talk, Professor QU will share his research experiences in data visualization, an interesting topic that involves creation of visual representation of data and helps people in analyzing data and communicating information more efficiently. He will also share his tips and practices in managing huge amount of data during research life cycle.

    Speaker: Prof. Huamin QU (Director, Sino Software Research Institute, Department of CSE, HKUST)

  2. Big Data: Recent Development, Benefit and Usage

    Big data is a hot topic nowadays. There are a lot of applications, including e-commerce, supermarket, banking, data science and social networks. In this talk, the recent development, benefit and usage of Big Data will be given.

    Speaker: Prof. Raymond C W WONG (Director, Computer Engineering Program, Department of CSE, HKUST)

  3. Introduction and resources on data management:
    Data Management Plan (DMP) tools, data repositories, data publishing, data sharing, data citation, funder requirements, and best practices

  4. Demonstration of DataSpace@HKUST (data repository and workspace service for HKUST research community)

1.5 hours will be counted toward the course requirement of IDPO 6770 and SBMT 6770
Presenter:Prof. Huamin QU & Prof. Raywond C W WONG
Venue:Library Multi-Function Room


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11-Apr (Tue)12:30-14:00901Closed